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17:00 – 18:15 Uhr

Creative Writing Group: Writing for Well-being

Bona Peiser – Sozio-kulturelle Projekträume, Oranienstr. 72, 10969 Berlin

RECASAS gGmbH – ingrid e johnson

Under the motto „Together, Reducing the Weight of Fear,” we aim to confine fears to paper. Of course, everyone is free to write about other topics. Everyone is invited to reflect and reshape their narrative. Together, we are creating a space of empowerment and respect, where each participant can choose whether to share their text, but only if they wish to do so.


Ingrid E. Johnson, experienced in overcoming emotional and psychosocial challenges, will lead the group.


Would you like to participate? Then contact us at or by phone at 030 5490 9698. Please let us know how we can inform you about any potential changes.


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